September 26, 2008


I never watched Star-Gate Atlantis until HE got there.

September 9, 2008

Writing, Televison, and general rant

When you have no real book and no one buys your E-novel what does one do?
Keep writing I say. Obviously I do this because I love it. I like they way I tell stories, but not necessarily the incorrect way I write them. Writing is an on-going craft where you learn something all the time. POV is a big problem for me, and I am reading everything I can on it. A member of my Local RWA chapter, Ed Rand graciously extended his expertise in that area and I have to say, he is the new POV guru in my book.

Okay on to other things that annoy me.

I know this is wrong and I shouldn’t compare movies to books, but alas, I do it all the time. This weekend I watched a new series called TRUE BLOOD.
Nobody likes a cool-long duster wearing-long haired or Dred locked (ALA Jason Mamoa Dreds only) vampire than me, but this show was positively awful.

Supposedly it was based on a series of books by a southern writer who wanted to give Vamps a country-bama flair. While I never read the books, in my heart I want to believe that they are better than what was on T.V.. It breaks my heart in several places to know that there is so much talent out there that will never be realized all because (and I’ve said it before) the luck of the draw goes in the direction of something so ridiculous that we can’t fathom it.
What disturbs me most is, that MOONLIGHT, an intelligent sassy) Vampire series was cancelled and True Blood made the cut. Please tell me who is running the Video viewing asylum?

The publisher I am currently with has so many talented writers that I am forced at times to wonder why I am even trying to do this. Oh yeah because I love it. If the Television writers ever run out of material, I’d promise them (and bet the bank) that if they chose any writer from Cerridwen Press they would have hit on their hands.

June 3, 2008

In MY lifetime, a miracle

An African America and/OR a woman literally run for the most important position in the United States. What a truly first and historic event. Yes! I am proud to tears of this momentous event, and I thought (and have said) this day could never happen in this country. I love it that I was wrong.
I remember and still live with a glass ceiling for both, yet they are both at the highest position they can get to.

I am old enough to remember when black people were not allowed to vote and when a Governor stood in the doorway of a school in the south indicating that over his dead body would he allow a black child to attend that institution. That same man years later, relied on, for his a caretaker and espoused that his best friend in the whole world was a black man and he didn’t know what he would do without him.
I remember when women had little say on what went on in their own bodies.

I am so hoping that people will not be fooled by all this hoopla, and while part of me is excited and moved to tears of happiness by the fact that this event is coming true in MY lifetime, I also fear for the demise of BOTH, since it is highly likely that some crazoid out there would like nothing better than to go down in history as being the killer of the first African American President, or the first woman anything.

I’ve often wondered in my heart why Barack would want this position? For change? He’s a lovely man with a lovely dream that I hope comes true. The cynical side of me says, there are factions that will never let his TRUE GOALS be realized for a million different reasons, and like every black man armed with an education and a dream, he will have to fight tooth and nail for everything he wants. Without his secret service contingency he STILL will not be able to get a cab on fifth avenue at night.

His idea of not giving tax breaks to companies who exercise their purgative to place their companies in countries where they can pay the lowest wage, is just too late. THEY DO NOT GIVE A SHIT! All they want is a corporate headquarters on the most expensive block in the most expensive city in THIS country. Tax breaks are only for when they intend to build factories and RETAIN jobs here in the USA. I hate to say it but the front gate has been left open and all the pretty horses are out and they ain’t coming back Why pay decent wage when you can pay next to nothing to people who are glad to get it in countries we have supported charitably for years?

Face it, we are no longer the greatest nation in the world. The Same people who used to fear us are LAUGHING at us. Laughing at the stupid reality shows we watch, how we raise our kids, the clothes we wear and laughing at a war we CANNOT win.

Barack has taken a GIANT leap of faith that I hope will keep him on the faithful road he started out on. The saying that ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY is always in the back of my mind, yet I live in hope that he at least is able to do SOME Of the things he wants to do. Unfortunately, I also fear that if he doesn’t do enough, he will get hit from ALL sides. Blacks will feel let down and begin calling him names that prevalently roll off the tongue in situations like this. And everyone else will say, “see I told ya…” followed by a laundry list of all the reasons why it should never have happened.

Today’s news says that while the election is for most part, out of her reach, Hilary would not be opposed to being the Vice President. To which I say HELL NAW!, after all those nasty ass things she said and truly despicable things I know she was thinking about Barack? There is no way you can be by my side and pretend to be in my corner when I KNOW you fought tooth and nail to make sure I didn’t get to the most important position in the country.(one of the best lines I remembered from the movie Practical Magic. “YOU CAN’T PRACTICE MAGIC WHILE LOOKING DOWN YOUR NOSE AT IT.” Well you can’t stand with me if you won’t stand for me.
Do you think for one second that Hilary is not going to use her greatest asset to help her in any way while she is there? Her husband Bill? HE was the president; HE knows stuff that Barack has to LEARN about. And if you think they can keep Area 51 a secret, just wait until you hear about all the crap they won’t be telling him. However I applaud Mr.Obama for his gracious speech about a woman who I'm afraid, might not have been as forthcoming in her win.

I am not political mainly because I have lived long enough to see our leaders (religious and political) let this country (not just African Americans)down time and time again. I can remember a president saying TO HELL WITH NEW YORK, and NO MORE NEW TAXES, only to raise them the second he was re-elected to office.

I will not go into our current leader’s missteps, everyone has an opinion on that and besides there isn’t enough room on the WEB, but in my heart, I know that he will HAPPY to pass HIS mess onto someone the world can blame other than himself.

Our people will have to realize that he will be the leader of everyone, not just us. Since he has made us proud lets hope we can do the same for him.

I am eager to see what happens next, because I am old enough to sit back and say whatever the hell I want in the aftermath.

April 15, 2008



Just when I feel there is none. just when I feel the world is spiraling down to its own doom, a glimmer of hope that is always inside me, springs forth.

I am not super religious, but I am spiritual and a firm believer in faith and good will. Even after seeing years of horrific crimes, terrible disasters I still have hope. It comes to me every time I hear someone is having a baby, it comes every day the sun shines or it rains. I know there is something… and I may not know exactly what it is, bigger than myself and it is what keeps hope alive inside me.

I may not agree with all the doctrine of the Papacy, and like the rest of us they have to answer for a lot of things
that were done in the past and continue to happen hidden under the veil of religion, but as long as I believe that there is a chance for peace and, I will never abandon hope and will continue to believe that things will get better.

Welcome Pope Benedict XVI, to the shores of America.

April 6, 2008

Hero of Past passion

Charlton Heston 1923-2008
Rest Now

March 27, 2008

How much is enough?

In the real world I am all for a woman getting what she can from a man after a divorce, usually because she is most likely the one wronged. Given the fact how women outnumber men somewhere between five and ten to one, (in the man’s favor I might add) women need the comfort of money because it will be a cold day in hell before she get a decent man who will even look at a woman over thirty. And she better be thin, blond or any derivative thereof, and know every position in the Kama Sutra and make up a few of her own.

The average person can’t say who deserves what and how much, but sometimes you just have to shake your head.
Take Heather Mills for instance, she is getting a reportedly 120 million dollars after seven years of marriage and one child. She says that it’s not enough because he is worth more than he said and she deserves more. She said she can’t support herself or their daughter on such a paltry sum. People might say: “well its different with them!” no they’re not they are JUST LIKE ME, t hey just have more money than I do–a lot more. But where does the greed end? I suppose you’d like some stats, well here they are and while money can’t make you happy, it can really un-piss whatever it was that made you made in the first place.

Michael and Juanita Jordan: She got 169 Million

Neil Diamond and Marcia Murphy 150 Million and he was gracious enough to say she was worth every penny. Of course immediately after the divorce settlement he started dating a woman 30 years younger than himself.

Steven Spielberg and Amy Irving: 100 million after four years of marriage, but then he’s worth 3 BILLION so I’m sure he won’t miss it.

Harrison Ford and Melissa Mathison 85 Million, I guess he thought it was worth it so he could run after a younger and really skinny Calista Flockhart. Who is trying to have his baby, well yeah!

James Cameron and Linda Hamilton: 50 Million, but then he got 100 million for just ONE movie (Titanic)

Michael and Diandra Douglas: 45 Million and after she had to deal with all his womanizing and drinking, he straightens up his act when he marries a much younger woman. Some women never win, which is why $45 helps.

Lionel and Diane Ritche – 20 Million, but isn’t she the woman his former wife beat the hell out of? Cheating pays and pays well for some.

Donald and Ivana Trump: 25 Million? I can’t believe she settled for that.
• $2 million: Burt Reynolds to Loni Anderson
• $3.5 million: Jim Carrey to Melissa Womer, his first wife
• $6 million: Sylvester Stallone to Brigitte Nielsen
• $12 million: Sylvester Stallone to Sasha
• $15-$25 million: Mick Jagger to Jerry Hall
• $20 million: Johnny Carson to Joanna, his third wife
• $20 million: Bruce Springsteen to Julianne Phillips

March 10, 2008

Will the embarrassment ever end?

Yet another government official is in the limelight all because he just HAS to have sex with a prostitute er-excuse me call girl, oh wait, is that high priced “escort for the evening?”
Of course for everyone else it would be STREET WALKER, TRAMP, SCUT and HO. But of course our leaders have higher standards thus resulting in their illicit affairs being categorized as social errors.
Don’t you love how your tax dollars DO NOT WORK FOR YOU?
I shudder to think what a woman would do for a sorry ass Viagra ridden man for 5,500.

The Governor of New York has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar oh wait! It wasn’t exactly his hand now was it? Isn’t it a pity that the once greatest country in world is again the laughing stock of the world? What the hell kind of message does this send to young people? YOU TOO CAN BECOME A VALUED POLITICIAN AND GET ALL THE WOMEN, DRUGS AND MONEY YOU WANT WITHOUT CONSEQUENCE.

I am a firm believer that if you want to STAND BY YOUR MAN, you are perfectly within your right to do so, but nobody is going to tell me that Eliot Spizter’s wife didn’t want to shoot him in the ass with a pitchfork. What is the matter with these people? They say this reaches all the way to Washington D.C., no surprise there.

I am also not surprised by any of this especially after NEWT (FAT FACE) Gingwrich called Bill Clinton on the carpet so bad and so loud you would have thought he was Monica Lewinsky’s daddy. Then he turned around and left his wife for a woman years his junior, a woman he’d been having an affair with for some time. (Now you see why I can’t be in charge of anything, because EVERYBODY WILL BE GOING TO JAIL. E V E R Y B O D Y, You would have to prove to me beyond a shadow of a doubt why your tired ass doesn’t deserve to be there.

And they have to nerve to disparage ROMANCE NOVELS and WRITING as trash and bodice rippers etc. Well what about what they’re doing? At least we writer’s usually end up on moral ground, or at the least a bittersweet ending.
All this is on the heels of the on going debacle New Jersey’s former governor, (is it the office?) who came forward to reveal that he was a GAY MALE and had been having an affair with another man WHILE he was married.

Personally I don’t trust any of our supposed religious leaders (Do I even have to mention Jesse Jackson who was acting as the chief confessor and advisor to Clinton and in the mean time he had an outside child. And what about Bobby Jones who was addicted to porn every day while praising the lord every Sunday, and I definitely do not trust our politicians, not as long as I will have to pay more for stamps and Gas. Somebody is getting the money and it sure ain’t me. Could it be HEIDI AND HER FLIESS-ETTES?

February 12, 2008


It brings me to tears that some people today will never know how it used to be. Anybody near my age will remember the glitz the glamour the posh of award shows of the past.

It’s a shame that its about money and nothing but money and that is the fault of all the new and YOUNG entrepreneurs who think of nothing but the $$’s.
One thing hasn’t changed and that these promoters will sell your ass up the river, down the pond and along side the Erie canal if it will make them richer and they don’t care how you look.

Gone are the days when promoters and producers would tell their clients, “What you do reflects on me, this company and your companions so don’t embarrass any of us.”
Parts of the Grammy awards this week were a total embarrassment and the main culprits were that Crack head AMY Winehouse and Kanye West.
First of all, you don’t give kudos and awards (and never five of em) to a person who decides that doing drugs and throwing it in the face of every person who watches, by telling them yeah she does it and its okay. This is a person that should be dropped from her label until such time she can show class and responsibility. Talk about sending the wrong message. I won’t even grace this blog with her stupid face, but I had to have my say on it.

And Mr. West, you are arrogant, but you don’t need to show it all the time. Everyone has mourned your mother, and everyone is sorry she has passed and while you choose to wear her title carved in your hair is your business; you do NOT have the right to chastise anybody for not wanting to listen to more of YOUR sorrow. You need to chill and stop embarrassing your mama.

I am pissed that Tina turner has so much energy and my tired ass was in the bed at 9:30 last night. I am upset that Beyonce will not give me back my body. (the hair I can get up on 34th street)

And please, if any of you have any celebrity-literary clout can you tell PEOPLE MAGAZINE that I am sick to the hurling everything I ever ate in my life of seeing Britney –stupid ass-can’t-get-her-act-together-because-she-is-too-dumb- to-be-bi-polar Spears on their cover.

Please tell me what that fiasco of a DECLARATION OF LOVE between Eddie Murphy and Tracy Edmonds was all about? For two seemingly intelligent, rich, and super talented people to participate in such a farce leads me to believe that the rumors that have circulated about E.M. are true, and she is just a cover. But why? And who cares?
Oh! And Matthew McConnehey has joined the BABY ON BOARD list of people who decide that they can do the ooh-la-la but not the I DO. Give me a break, why do THEY get to have their cake and eat it too?

And while I am in my bitch state of affairs, I will bet anybody any amount of money that Jennifer Aniston is kicking her own ass every night over losing Brad Pitt. Especially now that I hear he and Angi-lips are having twins. (Hey! I saw LEGENDS OF THE FALL thirty-seven times. I know how these things work)
In the realm of did you know:
That Michael Jax’s kids are nine and ten?
• They cancelled Starr Jones’ show. (it was boring as hell anyway)
• That Lenny Kravitz says he can’t find love. (Oh please I know six women and two men right now that would claw their way over a backyard of pig guts and broken glass to get at him) not me because I was turned off with that song, IT I OVER TILL ITS OVER…
• Cher got a 60 MILLION (yeah you heard it) dollar contract in Atlantic City?
• Katherine (American Idol) McPhee’s flower girl needed a slap upside her big bucket head for acting like a spoiled brat during the PEOPLE photo op.

January 25, 2008

An unmailed Letter to publishers..

Dear Publishing Giant who has not yet outsourced off shore...or have you?

I am avid reader and author and the time has come to speak up.
As the largest publishing house in the country I would have thought that someone out of the fifteen hundred staffers you employ, someone would have thought about the new trends the public is leaning toward.

First let me say, I totally understand the AGENT ONLY concept. Of course that doesn’t take into account that even AGENTS only want to work with big names and tried and true. Everything is a money making business and publishing is in the business of making money, everyone knows that. But has ANYONE taken the time to find out what the public really wants? I think not.
It’s the same old thing with the same authors and the plot lines.

And what’s this about ALL editors using the same tired LINES, “we want something new” or “We want a new voice and/or concept.” And when they get it, they won’t even consider taking a chance on it because you are either not (currently) published, or
E-PUBLISHED, (which by the way is the wave of the future if the forests keep burning down the way they are and if IPODS have anything to do with it).

I read somewhere that you said: Best Ways to Make Money: Underpay writers. “The most-profitable books are highly successful authors early in their career with a contract that doesn’t reflect their success,” says Olson. Some writers sign multi-book contracts, which pay off big if the first book’s a blockbuster.

Okay, well even new writers would take that low pay hit for a chance.

You also said: Out of every eight books, one is very profitable, one is very unprofitable, and six either break even or lose money.
True, I can see why, can you?

You are based in New York City, the fastest, and one of the wealthiest cities in the country. People work fast, walk fast, and talk fast. Trust me on this one, THEY WANT A FAST READ!
Ever think about short stories?

This country is in misery, they need some laughter. Relax your
high brow standards just a little and allow people to tell human every day stories. Not necessarily the horrid, the abuse, the schizophrenic. Why not think about smaller books, faster interesting reads.

If you want to know what people want, query book clubs and writing organizations and writers who are not NORA ROBERTS and JAMES PATTERSON affiliated. (Although, I really do like these authors.)

You need to trust me on this one. People are sick of the same old stuff. If R&D Department of J&J (and other pharmaceutical companies) HAVE to come up with a new concept (gimmick) on their all ready established products, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for you to do the same.

You are held to a higher standard, and we readers and writers have always respected you, but you have to see the light. Shorter is going to be better. Short stories (intertwined) are a good thing.

At your next meeting, ask your editors about their new ideas and see what they come up with that will keep the reading public reading YOUR BOOKS.


January 14, 2008

January 8, 2008

Getting Christmas haters off my chest

2008!! Did you ever think we’d be here? Thank God we are. First let me get some old stuff off my chest. I LIKE CHRISTMAS! I like saying Merry Christmas, I like Christmas Presents and I resent agnostics AND visitors and newbies in MY country who are INSULTED by it, Personally I am insulted by SCHOOLS that have mandated that CHRISTMAS TREES are now to be called holiday trees and kids are allowed to wish others HAPPY HOLIDAY. In deference to the season I will not use the language I would ordinarily use when I’m at the height of passivity-----(my friend Thel’s word) But I really don’t care how insulted they get!. The reason people are HERE from other countries is BECAUSE they are escaping oppression and/or looking for a better life in land that offers the freedom .to SAY whatever and whenever you want.

Okay I’m not stupid I was raised with some semblance of sense and I would never ever knowingly wish a Muslim Merry Christmas. But if I didn’t know they were, and I said it, what’s the big deal? Did the words somehow take away a year of their life? Did it ca use one of their kids to fall down dead? NO! While I once applauded the fact that America was diverse enough to allow me to get to know and try and understand other cultures, but its when those cultures get ALL amenities, the freedoms to live the way they want WIRHOU having to run away from people who come to persecute them or take away family members in the middle of the night, Yet we who have lived here all our lives and grew up with a certain belief are no longer ALLOWED to express that belief in the way we always have because it INSULTS others . Well let me be the first to invite them to kiss my ass. If celebrating holidays is so abhorrent, then I suggest that these people enjoy the comfort of whatever airline they came here on and return to their land of HELL and Destruction. And as for the agnostics and atheists, please give me a break; if you don’t like it DON’T CELEBRATE IT. Looking at holiday lights and/or Christmas trees is not going to make you go blind.
It was Christmas for me when I was growing up and its Christmas for me now, anyone who does not like it can lump it with the lump of coal they get in their HOLIDAY stocking.

Now that I have expressed my feelings against the non-believers and insulted, Let me get something straight with you all who rush to do Christmas shopping but do NOT remember the reason for the season. It’s CHRIST”S Birthday, not yours or your kids, or the dogs. Gift giving is fine, but have a little humility as you remember the beautiful night that brought forth the most sacred of beings. While you buy the IPODS and Game Cubes, try and get a grip!

Getting Christmas haters off my chest