June 3, 2008

In MY lifetime, a miracle

An African America and/OR a woman literally run for the most important position in the United States. What a truly first and historic event. Yes! I am proud to tears of this momentous event, and I thought (and have said) this day could never happen in this country. I love it that I was wrong.
I remember and still live with a glass ceiling for both, yet they are both at the highest position they can get to.

I am old enough to remember when black people were not allowed to vote and when a Governor stood in the doorway of a school in the south indicating that over his dead body would he allow a black child to attend that institution. That same man years later, relied on, for his a caretaker and espoused that his best friend in the whole world was a black man and he didn’t know what he would do without him.
I remember when women had little say on what went on in their own bodies.

I am so hoping that people will not be fooled by all this hoopla, and while part of me is excited and moved to tears of happiness by the fact that this event is coming true in MY lifetime, I also fear for the demise of BOTH, since it is highly likely that some crazoid out there would like nothing better than to go down in history as being the killer of the first African American President, or the first woman anything.

I’ve often wondered in my heart why Barack would want this position? For change? He’s a lovely man with a lovely dream that I hope comes true. The cynical side of me says, there are factions that will never let his TRUE GOALS be realized for a million different reasons, and like every black man armed with an education and a dream, he will have to fight tooth and nail for everything he wants. Without his secret service contingency he STILL will not be able to get a cab on fifth avenue at night.

His idea of not giving tax breaks to companies who exercise their purgative to place their companies in countries where they can pay the lowest wage, is just too late. THEY DO NOT GIVE A SHIT! All they want is a corporate headquarters on the most expensive block in the most expensive city in THIS country. Tax breaks are only for when they intend to build factories and RETAIN jobs here in the USA. I hate to say it but the front gate has been left open and all the pretty horses are out and they ain’t coming back Why pay decent wage when you can pay next to nothing to people who are glad to get it in countries we have supported charitably for years?

Face it, we are no longer the greatest nation in the world. The Same people who used to fear us are LAUGHING at us. Laughing at the stupid reality shows we watch, how we raise our kids, the clothes we wear and laughing at a war we CANNOT win.

Barack has taken a GIANT leap of faith that I hope will keep him on the faithful road he started out on. The saying that ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY is always in the back of my mind, yet I live in hope that he at least is able to do SOME Of the things he wants to do. Unfortunately, I also fear that if he doesn’t do enough, he will get hit from ALL sides. Blacks will feel let down and begin calling him names that prevalently roll off the tongue in situations like this. And everyone else will say, “see I told ya…” followed by a laundry list of all the reasons why it should never have happened.

Today’s news says that while the election is for most part, out of her reach, Hilary would not be opposed to being the Vice President. To which I say HELL NAW!, after all those nasty ass things she said and truly despicable things I know she was thinking about Barack? There is no way you can be by my side and pretend to be in my corner when I KNOW you fought tooth and nail to make sure I didn’t get to the most important position in the country.(one of the best lines I remembered from the movie Practical Magic. “YOU CAN’T PRACTICE MAGIC WHILE LOOKING DOWN YOUR NOSE AT IT.” Well you can’t stand with me if you won’t stand for me.
Do you think for one second that Hilary is not going to use her greatest asset to help her in any way while she is there? Her husband Bill? HE was the president; HE knows stuff that Barack has to LEARN about. And if you think they can keep Area 51 a secret, just wait until you hear about all the crap they won’t be telling him. However I applaud Mr.Obama for his gracious speech about a woman who I'm afraid, might not have been as forthcoming in her win.

I am not political mainly because I have lived long enough to see our leaders (religious and political) let this country (not just African Americans)down time and time again. I can remember a president saying TO HELL WITH NEW YORK, and NO MORE NEW TAXES, only to raise them the second he was re-elected to office.

I will not go into our current leader’s missteps, everyone has an opinion on that and besides there isn’t enough room on the WEB, but in my heart, I know that he will HAPPY to pass HIS mess onto someone the world can blame other than himself.

Our people will have to realize that he will be the leader of everyone, not just us. Since he has made us proud lets hope we can do the same for him.

I am eager to see what happens next, because I am old enough to sit back and say whatever the hell I want in the aftermath.