April 15, 2008



Just when I feel there is none. just when I feel the world is spiraling down to its own doom, a glimmer of hope that is always inside me, springs forth.

I am not super religious, but I am spiritual and a firm believer in faith and good will. Even after seeing years of horrific crimes, terrible disasters I still have hope. It comes to me every time I hear someone is having a baby, it comes every day the sun shines or it rains. I know there is something… and I may not know exactly what it is, bigger than myself and it is what keeps hope alive inside me.

I may not agree with all the doctrine of the Papacy, and like the rest of us they have to answer for a lot of things
that were done in the past and continue to happen hidden under the veil of religion, but as long as I believe that there is a chance for peace and, I will never abandon hope and will continue to believe that things will get better.

Welcome Pope Benedict XVI, to the shores of America.

April 6, 2008

Hero of Past passion

Charlton Heston 1923-2008
Rest Now