March 7, 2011

Rakes, Lords and Lovers Oh my!

Kristen Brent out of England is masquerading as widowed Lady Margeret Castleton who had died aboard the Doxie Queen bound for San Fransisco.
Lord Edward Rossmor is expecting a widow with a heft dowry not a virgin bride on the verge of destitution.

It's not easy trying to balance one lie after another, but the biggest obstacle for Kristen is figuring out a way to relieve herself of a particular problem-her virginity.

Handsome Wade Larson not only didn't intend to help Kristen with her dilemma, but he certainly didn't expect to fall in love with her. This historical western is filled with twists turns and murder.
It's a story of two people finding one another and overcoming their self indulgences in order to try and make a life together. But can Wade forgive her lies? Will Lord Rossmor succeed in his dirty deed of abduction? Who will die and who will live.?

A LOVE LESSON IN LOVE Available April 2011 from New Concepts Publishing

Love among the ruins of Camelot

Camelot is in shambles, Magic is banished, but there are new players. Braeden and Janne hope to restore King Arthur's kingdom to its former glory are literally up against the Castle wall. The fly in the ointment? Melehan and Melou the sons of that pesky Mordred, pitted against one another to create havoc and keep Arthur's legacy from returning.

This is plotting at its best and LOVE at its finest. Kathye Quick's character's breathe new life into the age old legend of the Knights of the Round table and beyond. Once again she has managed to excite her readers with exciting plots, dialog and love scenes. Visit her website and enjoy more of her splendid writing at