February 12, 2008


It brings me to tears that some people today will never know how it used to be. Anybody near my age will remember the glitz the glamour the posh of award shows of the past.

It’s a shame that its about money and nothing but money and that is the fault of all the new and YOUNG entrepreneurs who think of nothing but the $$’s.
One thing hasn’t changed and that these promoters will sell your ass up the river, down the pond and along side the Erie canal if it will make them richer and they don’t care how you look.

Gone are the days when promoters and producers would tell their clients, “What you do reflects on me, this company and your companions so don’t embarrass any of us.”
Parts of the Grammy awards this week were a total embarrassment and the main culprits were that Crack head AMY Winehouse and Kanye West.
First of all, you don’t give kudos and awards (and never five of em) to a person who decides that doing drugs and throwing it in the face of every person who watches, by telling them yeah she does it and its okay. This is a person that should be dropped from her label until such time she can show class and responsibility. Talk about sending the wrong message. I won’t even grace this blog with her stupid face, but I had to have my say on it.

And Mr. West, you are arrogant, but you don’t need to show it all the time. Everyone has mourned your mother, and everyone is sorry she has passed and while you choose to wear her title carved in your hair is your business; you do NOT have the right to chastise anybody for not wanting to listen to more of YOUR sorrow. You need to chill and stop embarrassing your mama.

I am pissed that Tina turner has so much energy and my tired ass was in the bed at 9:30 last night. I am upset that Beyonce will not give me back my body. (the hair I can get up on 34th street)

And please, if any of you have any celebrity-literary clout can you tell PEOPLE MAGAZINE that I am sick to the hurling everything I ever ate in my life of seeing Britney –stupid ass-can’t-get-her-act-together-because-she-is-too-dumb- to-be-bi-polar Spears on their cover.

Please tell me what that fiasco of a DECLARATION OF LOVE between Eddie Murphy and Tracy Edmonds was all about? For two seemingly intelligent, rich, and super talented people to participate in such a farce leads me to believe that the rumors that have circulated about E.M. are true, and she is just a cover. But why? And who cares?
Oh! And Matthew McConnehey has joined the BABY ON BOARD list of people who decide that they can do the ooh-la-la but not the I DO. Give me a break, why do THEY get to have their cake and eat it too?

And while I am in my bitch state of affairs, I will bet anybody any amount of money that Jennifer Aniston is kicking her own ass every night over losing Brad Pitt. Especially now that I hear he and Angi-lips are having twins. (Hey! I saw LEGENDS OF THE FALL thirty-seven times. I know how these things work)
In the realm of did you know:
That Michael Jax’s kids are nine and ten?
• They cancelled Starr Jones’ show. (it was boring as hell anyway)
• That Lenny Kravitz says he can’t find love. (Oh please I know six women and two men right now that would claw their way over a backyard of pig guts and broken glass to get at him) not me because I was turned off with that song, IT I OVER TILL ITS OVER…
• Cher got a 60 MILLION (yeah you heard it) dollar contract in Atlantic City?
• Katherine (American Idol) McPhee’s flower girl needed a slap upside her big bucket head for acting like a spoiled brat during the PEOPLE photo op.