November 15, 2007

You say you like fantasy? You say you want Trolls, fairies, valkyries and a terrific adventurous love story to boot? Then say no more, because here! It’s finally here. FIREBRAND by P.K. Eden. This novel written by Kathye Quick and I is the book of our collective hearts.
We worked hard and long on this story and fell in love with our characters from the beginning. Kathye’s incredible plotting and world building offers up true heart pounding adventure as well as excellent storytelling. I could not have written this book without her. (She of course says the same, but its not true-she is the best). We can’t say which one of the character’s are our favorite because each is no unique is his/her own right. I, of course have a secret and unhealthy lean toward the bad boy Gorash. But Kubla the mighty warrior who I fashioned after Tyr Anazazi is my favorite love man. I adore the interaction we created between him and Teezal the protector. The story is theirs and we will be working on it soon. So! If you want adventure spice and thrills by the minute visit Cerridwen Press
And download FIREBRAND. You won’t be sorry.