September 9, 2008

Writing, Televison, and general rant

When you have no real book and no one buys your E-novel what does one do?
Keep writing I say. Obviously I do this because I love it. I like they way I tell stories, but not necessarily the incorrect way I write them. Writing is an on-going craft where you learn something all the time. POV is a big problem for me, and I am reading everything I can on it. A member of my Local RWA chapter, Ed Rand graciously extended his expertise in that area and I have to say, he is the new POV guru in my book.

Okay on to other things that annoy me.

I know this is wrong and I shouldn’t compare movies to books, but alas, I do it all the time. This weekend I watched a new series called TRUE BLOOD.
Nobody likes a cool-long duster wearing-long haired or Dred locked (ALA Jason Mamoa Dreds only) vampire than me, but this show was positively awful.

Supposedly it was based on a series of books by a southern writer who wanted to give Vamps a country-bama flair. While I never read the books, in my heart I want to believe that they are better than what was on T.V.. It breaks my heart in several places to know that there is so much talent out there that will never be realized all because (and I’ve said it before) the luck of the draw goes in the direction of something so ridiculous that we can’t fathom it.
What disturbs me most is, that MOONLIGHT, an intelligent sassy) Vampire series was cancelled and True Blood made the cut. Please tell me who is running the Video viewing asylum?

The publisher I am currently with has so many talented writers that I am forced at times to wonder why I am even trying to do this. Oh yeah because I love it. If the Television writers ever run out of material, I’d promise them (and bet the bank) that if they chose any writer from Cerridwen Press they would have hit on their hands.

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Kwana said...

Ok, you're going to hate me but I didn't hate True Blood. I didn't read the books either but there was something about the show I liked. I think it was Anna Paquin all grown up but not quite. I thought this new take on the vampire was interesting. I loved the opening scene when the vampire turned out to be the dude buying the beer that you didn't expect. I'm going to give it a few episodes.