March 27, 2008

How much is enough?

In the real world I am all for a woman getting what she can from a man after a divorce, usually because she is most likely the one wronged. Given the fact how women outnumber men somewhere between five and ten to one, (in the man’s favor I might add) women need the comfort of money because it will be a cold day in hell before she get a decent man who will even look at a woman over thirty. And she better be thin, blond or any derivative thereof, and know every position in the Kama Sutra and make up a few of her own.

The average person can’t say who deserves what and how much, but sometimes you just have to shake your head.
Take Heather Mills for instance, she is getting a reportedly 120 million dollars after seven years of marriage and one child. She says that it’s not enough because he is worth more than he said and she deserves more. She said she can’t support herself or their daughter on such a paltry sum. People might say: “well its different with them!” no they’re not they are JUST LIKE ME, t hey just have more money than I do–a lot more. But where does the greed end? I suppose you’d like some stats, well here they are and while money can’t make you happy, it can really un-piss whatever it was that made you made in the first place.

Michael and Juanita Jordan: She got 169 Million

Neil Diamond and Marcia Murphy 150 Million and he was gracious enough to say she was worth every penny. Of course immediately after the divorce settlement he started dating a woman 30 years younger than himself.

Steven Spielberg and Amy Irving: 100 million after four years of marriage, but then he’s worth 3 BILLION so I’m sure he won’t miss it.

Harrison Ford and Melissa Mathison 85 Million, I guess he thought it was worth it so he could run after a younger and really skinny Calista Flockhart. Who is trying to have his baby, well yeah!

James Cameron and Linda Hamilton: 50 Million, but then he got 100 million for just ONE movie (Titanic)

Michael and Diandra Douglas: 45 Million and after she had to deal with all his womanizing and drinking, he straightens up his act when he marries a much younger woman. Some women never win, which is why $45 helps.

Lionel and Diane Ritche – 20 Million, but isn’t she the woman his former wife beat the hell out of? Cheating pays and pays well for some.

Donald and Ivana Trump: 25 Million? I can’t believe she settled for that.
• $2 million: Burt Reynolds to Loni Anderson
• $3.5 million: Jim Carrey to Melissa Womer, his first wife
• $6 million: Sylvester Stallone to Brigitte Nielsen
• $12 million: Sylvester Stallone to Sasha
• $15-$25 million: Mick Jagger to Jerry Hall
• $20 million: Johnny Carson to Joanna, his third wife
• $20 million: Bruce Springsteen to Julianne Phillips

March 10, 2008

Will the embarrassment ever end?

Yet another government official is in the limelight all because he just HAS to have sex with a prostitute er-excuse me call girl, oh wait, is that high priced “escort for the evening?”
Of course for everyone else it would be STREET WALKER, TRAMP, SCUT and HO. But of course our leaders have higher standards thus resulting in their illicit affairs being categorized as social errors.
Don’t you love how your tax dollars DO NOT WORK FOR YOU?
I shudder to think what a woman would do for a sorry ass Viagra ridden man for 5,500.

The Governor of New York has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar oh wait! It wasn’t exactly his hand now was it? Isn’t it a pity that the once greatest country in world is again the laughing stock of the world? What the hell kind of message does this send to young people? YOU TOO CAN BECOME A VALUED POLITICIAN AND GET ALL THE WOMEN, DRUGS AND MONEY YOU WANT WITHOUT CONSEQUENCE.

I am a firm believer that if you want to STAND BY YOUR MAN, you are perfectly within your right to do so, but nobody is going to tell me that Eliot Spizter’s wife didn’t want to shoot him in the ass with a pitchfork. What is the matter with these people? They say this reaches all the way to Washington D.C., no surprise there.

I am also not surprised by any of this especially after NEWT (FAT FACE) Gingwrich called Bill Clinton on the carpet so bad and so loud you would have thought he was Monica Lewinsky’s daddy. Then he turned around and left his wife for a woman years his junior, a woman he’d been having an affair with for some time. (Now you see why I can’t be in charge of anything, because EVERYBODY WILL BE GOING TO JAIL. E V E R Y B O D Y, You would have to prove to me beyond a shadow of a doubt why your tired ass doesn’t deserve to be there.

And they have to nerve to disparage ROMANCE NOVELS and WRITING as trash and bodice rippers etc. Well what about what they’re doing? At least we writer’s usually end up on moral ground, or at the least a bittersweet ending.
All this is on the heels of the on going debacle New Jersey’s former governor, (is it the office?) who came forward to reveal that he was a GAY MALE and had been having an affair with another man WHILE he was married.

Personally I don’t trust any of our supposed religious leaders (Do I even have to mention Jesse Jackson who was acting as the chief confessor and advisor to Clinton and in the mean time he had an outside child. And what about Bobby Jones who was addicted to porn every day while praising the lord every Sunday, and I definitely do not trust our politicians, not as long as I will have to pay more for stamps and Gas. Somebody is getting the money and it sure ain’t me. Could it be HEIDI AND HER FLIESS-ETTES?