June 30, 2007

Mama's got a brand new book

Well folks here it is, the long awaited cover of my first
full length novel. I guess you might want to know a little about the premise. Well let's say, WHAT IF KING ARTHUR AND
The story itself is not so much about them, but about Gillaine Madeen, a woman of middle years, and Lachlan Gilwayden, a Scottish Liege whose destiny it was to see that it did happen.
It's a love story, its a bit of a historical, complete with secrets, battles and lots and lots of magic.
Two of the most enjoyable characters are Hallum, the Liege's General and Conor, the ruler's illegitimate, precocious son by Gillaine.
A heavy secret prevents Lachlan from accepting true love, but when all is revealed, his very life hangs in the balance and only Merlin and the forgiveness of the woman he wronged can save him.
Typical you say? Nahhh!
There is also back story that includes a very hateful MAB, queen of the sorceresses and how she gets even with Merlin for loving young Nimue, a novice LAKE PROTECTOR and his true love, and how she becomes the Lady of the Lake and insures that Arthur will indeed be king.