July 26, 2007

Ring Dancer's Destiny has arrived

Yesterday I got my FLE's (final line edits) but nothing prepared me for to day when I saw that my book was listed on the Cerridwen Press Website as a new release.
It's a dream come true and when it comes out in print, I will be even happier.

I have to tell you that my Editor who lives and works in Australia, was up until 4am her time to make sure my (and other releases) got out on time. She is immeasurably wonderful. The next edits for my collaborative effort FIREBRAND with renowned author Kathye Quick will be starting soon so I am looking straight ahead and will keep on going.

July 24, 2007

Listening to the written word

Everyone knows I love AUDIO books. It started when I was working at a job that required me to spend endless hours testing , re-testing and tri-testing data for one of the largest health insurance carriers in the country. BORING!
Like most women I live in multi-task town ( because we have to) and was able to do my work effectively while enjoying a damn good read. (not to mention keeping annoying mundane conversationalists away. I have acquired quite an extensive list of books that I have listened to from 2002 to present on an excel spreadsheet. The anal part of me categorizes them, rates them, and I do have a list of the audio readers that I like. Some famous, others, not so much. Brad Pitt has a great narrative voice (Interview with a vampire) and does a wonderful job on westerns. Alison Fraser (not so famous) has a great Highland Scottish voice in both the female and make point of view.
I've found that a lot of biographies are read by the author, which gives it a little more personalization. Speaking of that, I've read quite a few and I can tell you, some famous people give it ALL up and others just tease around the edges making you wonder, "OKAY WHAT ARE YOU NOT TELLING ME."
I guess you you're wondering do I listen and drive. Yes I do. But to me its no different from listening to your favorite radio station or someone yammering at you in the car. HEY! if people can keep a cellphone to their ear like they were born with or or surgically attached, then a little tiny ear plug or shoving a cassette or CD in the slot is not going to hurt anybody. I do it when I garden or just sitting in my back yard enjoying the breeze. (we get good ones).
Some people can 't wrap themselves around Audio books, but I love them and if you start, you you really need to get a good one so you don't get turned off by a bad read. If you want to know what's good, lemmie know. I got a list.

July 17, 2007

Green it up will ya!

Kinda sounds like "GROW UP" doesn't it? Something your parents used to say. Well folks we are in it up to our sweet little necks. The chickens have come home to roost, the cat's in the cradle, who let the dogs out? We did it all and I am thinking that the powers that be are NOT happy.

Mother Nature has put her hand’s on her hips and asking "what the #^$%@#(@ are you all doing?"
Okay I am not about to pontificate on things you all ready know, like how millions of forests have burned out and how the floods have devastated the mid and south wests, or how the snow trails up to Mount Everest are now beginning to look like yellow brick road. I am hoping now that we are beginning to see the painful destruction of mother earth that we will at least do something to slow the process. Just ONE Eco-efficient light bulb is a start, I am replacing all

Bend it like MONEY

Is it just me or has Celebrity endorsement gotten way out of hand.
GA-Zillions? Isn’t there anything else we can do with that money? Yeah Yeah! I know WHY they do it, its to get US to pay for their products so that THEY can pay them. Whew! I think I just answered my own question. Having said that, BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM, DAVID… I think I might just have to shell out the ducats too.