April 20, 2010

Love and Magic! It's a heady mix, but wonderful when you have a dynamic, versatile and talented author who can pull it together.
Today I am celebrating what I know about KATHYE QUICK.
Yes, it is a bit of a personal thing since we co-authored FIREBRAND, but long before that I was impressed not only with her work, but her style, humor an generosity.
Most of the questions anyone would want to ask her I can answer because SHE would be far too modest. If you want yo read one of her official bios, please go to http://www.authortoday.com/authors/pkeden/
In the meantime let me tell you a little about the "FUN" Kathye. She is the grand dame of PLOTTING. You need a plot? Help with a plot? Making a plot believable? The she's your girl.
You can call her, email her, snail mail her or send a carrier pigeon, she has no problem being of help to anyone at any time.
I will say this however, if you invite her over to your house, you might run the risk of both of you ending up on the couch and in between brainstorming you WILL BE NAPPING. Trust me, I know.
I am often asked as co-authors do we disagree. Absolutely. But we are committed to our project and are always able to come together without either if us giving up what we want. It's called compromise and we do it integrity and with our camaraderie intact.
I invite everyone to join me in congratulating Kathye Quick's recent literary accomplishment as a finalist for The National Reader's Choice Award for SAPPHIRE from her Grandmother's Rings Series.
I wish continued success to a dear friend and wonderful individual


lisekimhorton said...

A terrific tribute, Patt. I have met Kathye only briefly on a couple of occasions, but long enough to know that she is a delight. Funny, warm, open and generous with her energy and her expertise. That she says the same of you just goes to show - takes one grande dame to know one!

Brava to you both. Keep the great books coming and never stop laughing. Your joy powers the world, ladies.

Sandra De Lorenzo Bonaldi said...

What a good friend, and may I call you both partners in crime, lol. All the best to both of you and I'm looking forward to some exciting reads.

Best of luck to both of you.

Sandra Bonaldi

Anne said...

I'm glad I took the time to check this out and the P.K.Eden Bios. It's always amazing to read the behind the stories' details. Best to you both. Anne

Penelope Marzec said...

I've read four of Kathye's books so far and can attest to her great plots!

Kwana said...

Wonderful tribute. Congratulations Kathye!

Cris Anson said...

Plotting and Kathye go together like peaches and champagne. And you're right, Kathye's heart is big enough to help anyone who asks. Although I don't know how she does everything she does. The woman is amazing.

Come to think of it, so are you, Patt!

Kathye Quick said...

I was touched and humbled to read this.

Patt and I met at a gym - yes, a gym, stop laughing - by the second circuit, it was like I knew her forever, She is the most loving, gentle person I know. But don't piss her off, I won't be able to save your arse.

In writing, my weaknesses are her strengths, so our partnership was truly made in heaven. I swear we are sisters separated at birth. The only way to tell us apart is that she has black hair and I have red, blond, brown and copper hair. I couldn't decide what I wanted so I used them all.

FIREBRAND is our first born, but it will not be our last. Someone call George Lucas for us when you have a chance. Thanks

I know we can all agree on this, we are all richer people from knowing Patt.