May 17, 2009

Gene Roddenberry would be proud

Well its official, I really have always been in love with Mr. Spock.

My friend and Co-writer Kathye Quick left me in the dust the first week the New Star Trek movie came out and went to see it all by herself (selfish heffa!). She later of course she came out and told me that I had better see it and soon. SO I did and I can understand why she didn't want to share that Trekker moment.

True Trekkies never cared if regular people liked the series or not, it has become (with all respect to George Lucas) a FORCE to be reckoned with.

I remember in 1965 when T.V. guide announced the new fall Line-up and they talked about an innovative– waaaaay-ahead-of-its-time series called, Star Trek. The second they introduced the characters I could not wait for the first airing date in 1966 and have been a fan ever since.

Gene Roddenberry took chances with his cast, after-all, times weren't then what they are now (even though we still have many of the same problems.) He had an assorted and eclectic array of alien creatures, some of which were painfully inadequate in the really scary department and some down right silly, but it was a show that I could not/will not let go.

I almost had to take to my bed with a fever when the show was unceremoniously cancelled, and I was one of the thousands who wrote T.V. Guide and the network to express my ire about the termination of such a great program. The underground was seething, and began building a cult of fans that is unrivaled to this day.

I attended Star Trek Conventions at the Coliseum and yes, I pushed little kids out of the way because they didn't have a clue about the show that their parents did.

Like an addict I itched as I waited for syndication. I jonsed like an alcoholic for just one taste of J. Tiberius, one sip of Spock and waited breathlessly to see what guest or not-yet-a-star would appear on the show. Do remember Gary Lockwood, France Nuyen, Fred Williamson (yes! The Football star turned
Blaxploitation movie actor, Jeffery (Jesus) Hunter, Glenn Corbett, Michael (was married to Babara-I-dream-of-Jeanie Eden) Elinor (Pretty Woman) Donahue, Lawyer Melvin Belli, and of course a pre-Starsky and Hutch, David Soul to mention a few.

Like most I learned to live in re-run heaven and saw every episode so many times it was like watching the TWIGHTL ZONE episodes. I could not get enough and pushed some of my other favs like Bonanza, The Virginian and even Mission Impossible by the wayside.

It was years before the finally produced the first Star Trek Movie called Star Trek The Motion Picture. Un-Original, but it didn't stop me and every other Star Trek lover from coming out in force. As a matter of fact I was interviewed by Channel Seven Eye witness news when I exited the theater in New York City. (I can't believe I was ever that young and thin).

Now, here we are in 2009, more than forty years since the first air date of a beloved series and we have a brand new movie, and what a spectacular vision of special effects it is and giving us an insight of our most beloved characters in their youth.

The casting was perfect and James (THE REBEL) Kirk was spot on. I will however admit I never saw that OTHER little, but most delightful curve coming. It's the kind of exceptional writing that you just don't get now a days.
While I have never really been a fan of prequels, this one is phenomenal and a must see.


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